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    Making Connections; A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed-Media Artists

    As an artist and jewelry designer of 20 years, I have become known for mastering cold join attachments in my work. This book is not only beautiful in photography and illustrations, but contains a university level curriculum that everyone from the beginning student to the professional jeweler should find interesting.

    Making Connections includes nine different chapters using appropriate cold joins used for connecting metal and mixed media. Beyond the traditional rivet, this book includes chapters featuring fiber related attachments such as stitching, weaving and crochet, as well as chapters on trapeze attachments for objects that require

    swing and movement. Prominent artist contributors include Robert Ebendorf, Eric Silva, Boris Bally and Arlene Fisch, to name a few.

    Susan Lenart Kazmer is an explorer, inventor and maverick who has pioneered the use of found objects in jewelry making. After two decades of working with appropriated materials, Susan has developed dozens of ingenious cold connections using staples, rivets, fibers, resins and other material. Here, Susan shares the insights, creative philosophy and techniques that inspired and helped create her stackable jewelry and kinetic, three-dimensional marionettes. Embellished with stunning photos and dozens of original joining techniques, this book solves many of the problems encountered when connecting delicate mixed media to metals. Susan’s ground-breaking techniques and fresh approach to cold-connections will uncover a world of new options that will inspire mixed-media artists and jewelers.

    Over the years, Susan has won many awards and has had her work included in museum exhibits such as the Smithsonian in Washington DC, the Art Institute in New York, and the Huntington Museum of Art, to name a few. The Post Picasso Gallery included Susan’s work in The Best of 2004. Susan is also considered a pioneer in the field of patination. She lives in Ohio with her family.

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